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Tecknagas protection rings: real protection for your gas cylinders painting

We have developed and patented the protective system “Tecknagas”. Our polyethylene high density (PEhd) protective rings have a thickness of 1.5 to 4 mm (1/16” to 5/32”). They act as true “shock absorbers” and totally protect the paint and the labels of your gas cylinders. They are available for sizes from 5 L to 50 L (approx. 1 gal to 10 gal). They are recyclable, non-toxic and have excellent resistance qualities :

Against shocks
Against acids
Against UV
Against humidity and sea salt
Against thermal shocks (+80°C / -40°C)

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With the intention of diversifying our range of products, and after an intense analysis of the requirements of all our gas clients, we have developed a series of technical labels especially for gas cylinders. In addition to allowing an optimal traceability we also offer the possibility of gas cylinder label coding (bar codes, datamatrix…).

“Different types of labels for specific applications on gas cylinders”

Decals :

Essentially used on the dome of the gas cylinder, they are highly resistant to ripping and to chemical attacks,

Polycarbonate labels :

Used on the body of the gas cylinder, they are highly abrasion resistant.

Vinyl labels :

Used on the cylinder body or the dome they can be deformable or not, so as to adapt to the shape of the cylinder. These labels are available singly or on rolls and may be personalised (i. e. text added) by thermal transfer.

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Tecknaflor has been on the floral funeral ribbon market for more than 40 years. It is recognised by more than 60 % of the florists to be the most economical system of silk screen texting for funeral ribbons.

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