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The Translog Company has been specialised for nearly 40 years in industrial marking by dry transfer or decals. Situated amongst the European leaders in industrial silk screen printing, Translog is one of the few with an ISO 9001 / 2008 certification for the manufacturing of dry transfer silk screen decals and adhesive labels.

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usine decalcomanie industrielle


Transfer label is a kind ok of silk screen decal which has an excellent resistance to both UV and chemical aggression. This technology gives a high performance product featuring excellent longevity and easy application.

Our decals have the following properties :

Excellent resistance at temperatures from +120°C / -30°C (approx. 250°F / -25°F)
UV resistance
Chemical resistance (acids, solvents, hydrocarbons…)
Ripping and shearing Resistance (up to Mach 2)

“The range of solutions we offer enables a real made to measure that meets your needs”

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Translog, Industrial labels manufacturer since 1974.

Located in the heart of the Pyrenean Mountains, Translog is a family company specialising for almost 40 years in the production of industrial marking.

It applied for its first patent for an industrial dry decal in 1974.

Based on traditional silkscreen printing know-how, decal is also on the razor’s edge of future industrial marking technology. This technology is in constant development and satisfies the marking requirements of the most modern composite materials (carbon, titan…..), as well as the industry’s technical demands.

We have organised and perfected our machines for the production of dry transfer silk screen decal in our vast 1200 m² workshop ::

Creation of SEPMA limited company – Deposit of a first dry decal patent
Launching of Tecknaflor – Marking system for funeral ribbons
Tecknaflor equips 80 % of the French florists- SEPMA diversifies in labels for gas cylinders > Launching of the T3 dry transfer decal for the industry
SEPMA invests in CAO equipment to launch its digital cutting activity and becomes TRANSLOG
Investments in new screen-printing equipment for the industry of the T3 + decal with polyurethane
Moving to a new 1200 m² workshop
Investments in graphics computer and photo-engraving: TRANSLOG masters the entire graphic chain
Investments in new screen-printing equipment: line of continuous screen-printing – spectrophotometer
TRANSLOG initiates an ISO 9001 certification. Certified in June, 2008
Renewal of a part of the machine park and arrival of our first digital printing machine
Launching of the “Easytrans” decal
TRANSLOG creates a new decal dedicated to vegetal marking and launches a new product for funeral ribbons “ABCDeuil”
– Investments in new production equipment > digital printing table, line of disengravage.
– “Imprim’ vert” Certification
– TRANSLOG invests in esting and control equipment (lifting test, folding test, resistance test to the stripe, electronic microscope…)
– Extension of ISO 9001 certification  which now includes the decal conception

We control the totality of the various stages of our production processes due to our spectrophotometer and colorimetric application as well as our integrated photo engraving. These means of production allow us to produce more than :

of decals per year
football fields
A4 papers


We have been engaged for a series of years in quality advancement, and Translog is today certified ISO 9001 for the design and manufacture of dry transfer decals as well as adhesive labels.

Our production also complies with the demands of the REACH directive, thereby guaranteeing the non-use of dangerous raw materials (lead, cadmium, mercury…..) in our products.

Iso 9001 Certificate

“Translog has chosen to follow a line of continual improvement.”

Convinced that this is a central key to our competitiveness, we have designed our quality policy along the following lines :

  • Optimisation of client satisfaction (through the reactivity, adaptability, and technical content of our products, as well as timely and correct delivery)
  • The commitment to quality of a certified organisation
  • The consideration of the technical imperatives to adapt itself to clients’ needsn
  • The understanding of customers’ expectations with questionnaires to measure satisfaction and remarks
  • Research into new printing and control technologies.
  • Management of our staff competences, bearing in mind changes in the economic environment


Translog and patented innovations in the world.

In collaboration with our clients and suppliers we have developed new products corresponding to very specific applications:

  • Transfers for bicycles
  • License plate lettering for vehicles
  • Transfers onto carbon and polyethylene
  • Protection systems for gas cylinders

These industrial innovations have resulted in our taking out several international patentsTranslog exports 30% of its activity to the following countries :

carte du monde marquage industriel
  • Belgium
  • Ivory Cost
  • Denmark
  • Spain
  • Unites States
  • Finland
  • Gabon
  • Iceland
  • Italy
  • Kenya
  • Latvia
  • Norway
  • Poland
  • Portugal
  • Czech Republic
  • Sweden

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