Another technology

We also print highly resistant adhesive labels. These are available individually or on rolls, and can also be printed by a 4 colour (quadri) process. They can be fitted to a large number of surfaces (glass, porcelain, enamel, painted….). An additional application of protective varnish gives very high resistance to UV and chemicals (detergents, hydrocarbons …).


Our polycarbonate labels are protected by a 175 μm (micron) film of polycarbonate guaranteeing excellent resistance to both UV and physical aggression.

In addition, our experience with silk screen adhesives allows us to propose 3 types of labels (non-permanent, re-positional or permanent Hightack). We also offer very competitive pricing.

This technology is especially used for front cover labelling or safety warning labels.


We can print in screen-printing or digital a whole range of film to be able to produce different types of adhesive labels. With a short and long term vinyl permanent stock, we can also print polyester film on request, 200 micron vinyl, electrostatic vinyl or any type of printable film.

From 2 to 4 years

The 2-4 year vinyl is a brilliant white flexible calendared PVC of 100 µ. This white and brilliant print support in screen-printing is designed for promotional applications of short term for both interiors or exteriors : Advertising and promotional stickers, decorative motives, printed labels …

We recommend maintaining a non-printed zone of 3-4 mm on the edges of the format printed to avoid raised edges.

Several types of adhesives are available to adapt themselves to a majority of applications:

– A permanent strengthened adhesive “High Tack” for applications on difficult surfaces.

– Adhesives: removable (R), ultra-removable (UR) for an optimal removal, without leaving traces of adhesives on the support.

5 à 7 ans

The vinyl 5-7 years is a brilliant flexible stabilised calendared polymer PVC of 80 µm. An incomparable quality for your applications interior “long term” or exterior institutional communication on windows and displays…

In its transparent version, it is ideal for vitropanes. Its advantages are many:

-Good conformability on plain and slightly curved surfaces.

-We recommend maintaining a non-printed zone of 3-4 mm on the edges of the printed format to avoid raised edges.

-Very good dimensional stability.

-Permanent glue.

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